How it works

1. Select Artboards. If you have none selected, all will be uploaded.

2. Press alt + cmd + E

3. Done! You get back a URL featuring uploaded artboards. Example:


1. Who can see my files?
Anyone with the link. Who you share the link with is up to you. We don't share it with anyone.

2. Can I delete my files?
Not manually. Links only last 24 hours, after that all files are deleted.

3. Who made this?
I (Ed Lea or @ed_lea) made this plugin as an easy way to share my progress / get feedback with others in my team. Particularly over chat or email with PM's or other designers. Maybe you'll find it useful too.

4. Can I email you?

5. I can't use Sketch while uploading, is that normal?
Right now, yes. The plugin will not let you do anything in Sketch until all arboards are uploaded. The amount of time that takes depends on your connection. Seeing the spinning beachball is normal. Unless you're uploading a lot, it should be a matter of seconds.


April 23: Increase upload limit from 2mb to 5mb

April 26: Added iPhone device frames to previews. Watch it in action:

May 3rd: Added OpenGraph so that images appear in Slack (and other) platforms